This device is a built-in battery and operates through a charging method. However, if the battery is completely discharged and not used for a long period of time, the battery life may be reduced. Please charge and use the battery periodically.

After using the device, remove the head and clean it with a soft, dry cloth wiping away and excess cream or gel.

*Do not use alkaline cleaners or alcohol, thinner or acetone to clean the product.

The charger for this device is for domestic use only (100v~240v). Be sure to use it after checking that it matches the voltage (V) of the country you are visiting.

Before using this product, be sure to read the user's manual before use, and do not use this device for purposes other than those described in the user's manual.

DIVE Vitamin Care Mask contains a high content of vitamin C, so depending on your skin type, vitamin irritation may occur.

Do not use anyone, including infants and young children, who cannot express their intentions clearly.

This product is a skin care device that helps improve skin by using near-infrared rays, LED, and high frequency. For customers with sensitive skin types depending on their individual skin condition, start with 2 minutes a day and adjust the number of times according to the individual's skin condition.